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Important Insurance Industry Bulletin

Manulife & Alberta Blue Cross Moving to '2200-hour' Requirement

In the coming year, Alberta Blue Cross and Manulife Insurance will join SunLife Insurance in adopting a policy that requires Massage Therapy providers to have 2200 hours of formal education or a 2200-hour competency equivalency.

This means that only health benefit receipts from Massage Therapy practitioners with '2200 hours' of initial training or a 2200-hour competency equivalency will be accepted by these health benefit providers.

  • Manulife will require this standard as of October 1, 2012  
  • Alberta Blue Cross will require this standard as of May 1, 2013

NHPC continues to monitor this issue and will advise members should other third-party payers adopt similar standards.

Transitioning Massage Therapists in Changing Environments

To meet the 2200-hour training requirement, NHPC is creating recognition solutions & career options for massage therapists who do not have 2200 hours of formal education.

MTCAP Redevelopment

A key component of NHPC’s approach is to redevelop the Massage Therapy Competency Assessment Process (MTCAP), which was reviewed at its one-year anniversary.

The review included consultations with relevant Canadian insurance companies, and the results indicated that MTCAP had to be made more robust to meet Manulife and Alberta Blue Cross requirements.

The redeveloped process will be called the Competency Equivalency Exam (CEE), to be better reflect its purpose and format.

CEE: Competency Equivalency Exam

NHPC hopes to complete development of the CEE by the end of Summer 2012 and begin implementation immediately thereafter ahead of Manulife's October 1, 2012 deadline. Processing NHPC Massage Therapy members who choose to participate in the CEE is expected to run through late Spring 2013.

Any NHPC Massage Therapy member who does not have 2200 hours of initial training and who wishes to be recognized by Manulife Insurance and Alberta Blue Cross will need to apply to NHPC for the CEE designation.

CEE Questions & Answers

Note: The Competency Equivalency Exam does not apply in provinces that have regulated the profession of Massage Therapy (Ontario, BC, and Newfoundland & Labrador). In those provinces, the colleges determine who can practice Massage Therapy.

We're Here to Help

NHPC will support members who choose to take part in the CEE, from initial inquiry to approval. This support includes providing online and in-person CEE preparatory workshops.

These changes are expected to resolve any issues that NHPC members are experiencing with Manulife and Alberta Blue Cross regarding their 2200-hour training requirement.

In order to answer any questions you may have on the CEE, NHPC has put the following processes in place:

  1. Online CEE meetings, "Positioning You for Success" will provide a short presentation on the CEE and then open up to a Question and Answer period.
    • Sunday, June 24th: 2 PM MDT
    Visit the Centre for Learning to register or for more information on these online meetings.
  2. Watch a recording of the June 13th, 2012 recording below.
  3. If you have additional questions or concerns following your participation in one of the above online meetings, contact cee@nhpcanada.org
  4. To view the IJ Doc, the model our CEE will be developed against, click here.
  5. If you are not satisfied with the support you are getting by email or if you do not use email, please contact our office by phone at 780-484-2010 or (toll free) at 1-888-711-7701.


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