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Code of Ethics

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Full Code of Ethics (PDF)
‚ÄčCode of Ethics Pledge (PDF)

Commitment to ethical professional conduct is expected of every member of the Natural Health Practitioners of Canada Association (NHPCA).

This Code, consisting of 16 imperatives formulated as statements of personal responsibility, identifies the elements of such a commitment. It contains many, but not all, issues professionals are likely to face.

The Code addresses fundamental ethical considerations, and more specific considerations of professional conduct.

Ethical codes evolve in response to changing conditions, values and ideas. A professional Code of Ethics must, therefore, be periodically updated. It must also rest upon widely shared values. Although the operating environment of the NHPCA grows more complex each year, the root value for the NHPCA, the tie that connects all of us together despite our diversity, is the commitment to serving people, both present and future generations. This value guided the creation of and remains the most fundamental principle in the following Code of Ethics for the NHPCA.

Each member is required to sign an agreement declaring that they will abide by the Bylaws of the NHPCA and comply with the NHPCA Code of Ethics.

A copy of the Code of Ethics should be posted in a location that will be visible to their clients.

Violations of the NHPCA Code of Ethics may result in a membership being revoked.

If you have any questions regarding The Code of Ethics please contact the association's Executive Director by  email at growingtogether@nhpcanada.org.

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