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Competency Equivalency Exam

The Natural Health Practitioners of Canada (NHPC) worked vigorously with subject matter experts and psychometricians to develop the Competency Equivalency Exam (CEE).

The CEE measures the professional skills and conduct of massage therapists against the Inter-Jurisdictional Practice Competencies and Performance Indicators for Massage Therapists at Entry-to-Practice (IJ Doc), the document most frequently used by education institutions and the insurance industry as the standard to be recognized as a massage therapist.

The two-part exam consists of a written multiple choice component and a practical Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE), where candidates demonstrate their competency in assessment, massage technique, and clinical judgment.

Candidates who successfully pass both component of the exam are seen as equivalent to meeting the 2,200-hour initial education and training requirement stipulated by many insurances companies across Canada.

This exam is especially helpful for massage therapists who do not meet the 2,200-hour initial education and training requirement and don’t have the resources to go back to school for further training and for foreign trained massage therapists whose credentials may not be recognized in Canada.

The CEE is not eligible to meet the standards to be part of any College of Massage Therapists in regulated provinces (Ontario, British Columbia, Newfoundland and Labrador, New Brunswick).

The CEE is not a required part of holding a membership with the NHPC. It is an option available to NHPC recognized massage therapists to help ensure that third-party insurance providers recognize their practice.

The resources below support massage therapists looking to take the CEE: 

How to Apply
Applicant Policy Handbook (PDF)
Using the CEE for Continued Competency Program (CCP) credits

If you are looking for study resources, contact the NHPC's Practice Management Advisor, Candace Pichonsky, at cpichonsky@nhpcanada.org or 1-888-711-7701 ext. 229.

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