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School Recognition Program

Invest in your school's future: apply to have your programs recognized by the NHPC. To become recognized, the school and training program will be subject to a Credentialing Assessment Protocol (CAP).

Questions about the NHPC Recognized School Program can be answered by calling the NHPC toll free in Canada or the United States at 1.888.711.7701

School Recognition Fees are as follows:

Student/Individual requests $50.00 (Canadian School)
$100.00 (Non-Canadian School)


School requests $500.00 (Canadian/Non-Canadian)

Please note, that NHPC can only recognize school programs for modalities, or practice fields, that are currently recognized by the NHPC. To find out which modalities NHPC currently recognizes, see the Recognized Modalities page in this section.

Improve Your Reputation
Having your programs recognized by NHPC improves your reputation for excellence. NHPC regularly gets inquiries from prospective students and clients. Recognition by the NHPC links you with one of Canada’s largest voluntary professional Associations.

Shape the Future of the Profession
Help create regulatory and educational guidelines for the future of the natural health professions by staying informed.

Required Information
As a graduate of the school, your school should assist you in providing the following information.

As a school, you will be required to supply the following information:

  • The NHPC therapy category for your school or training program.
  • Complete contact information. If more than one campus exists, list the names of the other campuses.
  • Identify whether the school offers more than one natural, complementary and alternative health care course. For the school or course needing to be accredited, identify:
    • All components of the curriculum and approximate time spent on those components.
    • Lab (application) time.
    • Practicum and guidelines (practicum being supervised or overseen application of the therapy on members of the public).
    • Number of cases that must be performed for final certification.
    • Examination methods and frequency.
    • Credentialing associations the course may be geared toward or qualify you for that are mentioned specifically during the course.
    • Any other information that may be relevant. If available, a brochure of the school or course.

After you have obtained all of the above information, please call the NHPC office at 1-888-711-7701

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