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Current Committees

Individual committees and task forces serve different functions for the NHPC. They can be an ongoing part of NHPC operations or fulfil a temporary purpose. Years of commitment vary based on the committee.

The Leadership Committee is a Board of Directors committee responsible for Board of Directors nominations. The committee is comprised of:

  • the NHPC CEO
  • the Board President
  • another Board member
  • NHPC members in good standing

The committee is required to conduct interviews with all prospective Board members. In addition, the Leadership Committee is involved in succession planning to ensure a smooth transition for all new Board members.

The Committee for Massage Therapy Program approval reviews applications for approval from Alberta massage therapy programs and communicates the results to the applicant.

They also provide an opinion to the provincial government department responsible for licensing of these programs.

This committee consists of members from the three coalition associations in Alberta: the Remedial Massage Therapists Association (RMTA), the Natural Health Practitioners of Canada (NHPC), and the Massage Therapist Association of Alberta (MTAA).

The Credentials Committee reviews terminology, credentialing, education, and the recognition of NHPC recognized therapies. This committee also supports the NHPC Board of Directors and the Registrar in implementation of Registrar duties.

The committee members include:

  • Chair
  • school owner or representative
  • Chief Executive Officer and Registrar
  • Research and Credentialing Representative (NHPC staff representative)
  • two NHPC members
  • a member of the public with interest and experience in the health field

This committee will review all therapies submitted to or are already recognized by the Association. Once review is completed, the committee is responsible for providing feedback to the Registrar.

The Continued Competency Program Committee reviews the Continued Competency Program on an annual basis. The committee makes recommendations to enhance the program in the following areas:

  • functionality of program
  • implementation of program
  • overall relevance of program

The annual reviews of this program will recommend changes that will be reflected in the following annual review.

The NHPC Sanction Committee determines sanction orders to be imposed on a member in the Complaints Resolution Process. The committee must act  in accordance with the NHPC Bylaw Article 10.5.

This committee is accountable for all complaints resolution processes, including:

  • holding a hearing to determine the appropriate sanctions
  • providing the member the opportunity to make oral and/or written response to the sanction
  • providing the member with a written decision also provided to the Board of Directors
  • publishing the sanction if the situation requires it

Decisions made by each Sanction Committee set precedence and will affect future Complaints Resolution cases.

The Bylaw Review Committee reviews the current NHPC bylaws and recommends changes to the Board of Directors and membership.

The Bylaw Committee ensures consistency of the NHPC bylaws at all times. If a change is made to an article, subsequent articles must be updated to reflect that change.

This committee includes:

  • two members of the NHPC Board of Directors
  • the Chief Executive Officer of the NHPC
  • one NHPC staff member appointed by the Chief Executive Officer
  • other individuals appointed by the Board of Directors

This committee must announce the proposed changes to members at the Annual General Meeting.

The PACR Committee completes a yearly appraisal and compensation review of the NHPC Chief Executive Officer (CEO). This committee documents their appraisal findings and a complete compensation review of the NHPC CEO through the set process.

The PACR is a Governance Committee under the Board of Directors authority. The committee is chaired by the sitting President of the NHPC Board of Directors.

The task force allows all Alberta massage therapists to share and develop information with authority. It also provides the government with information from massage therapists relating to Alberta Motor Vehicle Accident Insurance.

Task Force Responsibilities

  • This task force is responsible for research, discussion, and preparation of materials for government-requested meetings.
  • The task force must share the results of all meetings with all massage therapists in Alberta.
  • The task force must strive to reach consensus on all issues.

The MVAI Task Force has a representative from each massage therapy association in Alberta — the Remedial Massage Therapists Association (RMTA), the Natural Health Practitioners of Canada (NHPC), and the Massage Therapist Association of Alberta (MTAA) — as well as a Staff Liaison.

The Awards Committee was re-established in 2016 to recognize members or others who have made a significant commitment, a noteworthy contribution, or demonstrated dedication to the NHPC and/or holistic health care.

Currently, the committee consists of a chair, a board member, and two members at large, who meet by teleconference.

The committee makes annual recommendations to the Board of Directors for their feedback. Awards are given to the winners at the Annual General Meeting.