Our committees and task forces are volunteer groups that perform specific tasks for the Association. They can be an ongoing part of operations or meet a temporary need.

Leadership Committee

The Leadership Committee is a Board committee responsible for Board of Directors nominations. The Committee includes:

  • NHPC CEO and Registrar
  • Board President
  • another Board member
  • an NHPC member in good standing

The Committee interviews all Board candidates and helps new Board members transition smoothly into their role.

Credentials Committee

Credentialing is obtaining, verifying, and assessing the qualifications for a given profession. The Credentials Committee reviews our processes for credentialing  holistic health practices and reviews applications to recognize new practices.   

Committee members include:

  • Chair
  • school owner or representative
  • Chief Executive Officer and Registrar
  • Research and Credentialing Representative (NHPC staff)
  • two NHPC members
  • a member of the public with interest and experience in the health field

Committee review of a holistic health practice includes terminology, education requirements, and recognition status. After their review, the Committee provides feedback to the Registrar who decides if the practice is recognized.

Sanction Committee

The Sanction Committee decides on the sanction orders for members in the Complaints Resolution Process. The Committee must act in accordance with NHPC Bylaw Article 10.5.

This committee is responsible for all complaints resolution processes, including:

  • holding a hearing to determine the appropriate sanctions
  • giving the member the opportunity to make oral and/or written response to the sanction
  • providing a written decision to the member and the complainant
  • publishing the sanction if the situation requires it

Sanction Committee decisions set precedence and affect future Complaints Resolution cases.

Bylaw Review Committee

The Bylaw Review Committee reviews our current Bylaws and recommends changes to the Board of Directors and the membership.

The Committee includes:

  • two members of the NHPC Board of Directors
  • the Chief Executive Officer of the NHPC
  • one NHPC staff member appointed by the Chief Executive Officer
  • other individuals appointed by the Board of Directors

Proposed bylaw changes must be presented to the membership and voted on at the Annual General Meeting.

Professional Assessment and Compensation Review Committee

Every year, the Professional Assessment and Compensation Review (PACR) Committee fully evaluates the performance and compensation of the NHPC Chief Executive Officer and Registrar.

The PACR is under the Board of Directors' authority and is headed by the NHPC Board President.