Education and Events

The Education and Events team delivers quality NHPC events, including the NHPC's national conference, Annual General Meeting, Connections Cafes, and NHPC-sponsored workshops. The team also organizes NHPC's public appearances and multi-stakeholder meetings.

Bio Image PlaceholderKristin Baldwin
Member Education and Events Coordinator

In her previous career, Kristin worked in several positions in the health and fitness industry. After witnessing various health issues and injuries, Kristin began researching alternative ways to keep healthy.

She is passionate about supporting her and her family's health and wellness through proactive, holistic therapies. Kristin believes that holistic health practices are the best way to promote whole-body health and healing, making her a great addition to the NHPC team.

Kristin has an event management certificate from NAIT and thrives in an upbeat and challenging environment. She looks forward to planning various events and education opportunities to further the holistic health profession in Canada.

Kristin is committed to expanding her knowledge about holistic health practices and event management through further education and professional development. She also plans to pursue her doula training in the future.

In her spare time, Kristin enjoys spending time with family, visiting farmers markets, and volunteering for various organizations.
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