Membership and Credentials

The Membership team is the first point of contact for most NHPC members. The team is responsible for approving new memberships; processing renewals; organizing school visits; reviewing programs, schools, and modalities; and administering the Continued Competency Program (CCP) and Competency Equivalency Exam (CEE).

Bo LiBo Li
Membership and Credentials Manager

Bo graduated from the University of Alberta with an Master of Arts in Cultural Anthropology. Bo enjoys working in the non-profit sector and believes in empowering people through comprehensive research and in-depth conversation.

Since she joined the NHPC in 2016, Bo has seen her passion for cultural diversity manifest in the health care choices promoted by the NHPC.

In her role of Membership and Credentials Manager, Bo brings two years of experience in the department and a well-rounded understanding of the membership base. With the rest of the team, she supports member services, the credentialing process, and the growth of the department.

Bo also enjoys long-distance swimming, good coffee, and statistics.
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Image PlaceholderDebi Campbell
Member Relations Coordinator

Debi spent a significant portion of her career at Scotiabank before retiring in 2013. After deciding to re-enter the workforce and looking for new challenges, Debi began work with the NHPC in early 2014.

In her role as Member Relations Coordinator, Debi works with the Membership department to assist members in queries about their membership status, processes member renewals, maintains membership records, and helps coordinate continued education audits.

When she's not working, Debi enjoys spending time with her grandson, reading Greek mythology and other inspirational stories, and listening to as much music as possible.
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Roberta BrosseauRoberta Brosseau
Credentials and Practice Management Coordinator

Roberta began her career as an English as a Second Language teacher in Edmonton. From there she travelled to Japan where she had an amazing and fulfilling year of teaching English to young students in junior high schools.

Upon returning to Canada, her interest in healthy living and holistic practices led her to study massage therapy at Grant MacEwan College. After graduating, she combined her massage practice with her passion for teaching and eventually transitioned to administering massage therapy programs.

Roberta highly values the NHPC culture of inclusivity, integrity, and professionalism. As the Credentials Coordinator, Roberta is involved in reviewing training programs for recognition by the NHPC. As the Practice Management Coordinator, she assists and supports members, the industry, and the public with all matters that arise in the daily realities of practice

When she's not working, Roberta finds fulfillment in pursuing the equestrian sports of dressage and jumping. Having a life-long affinity for animals, she finds her "still point of the turning world" in the presence of these amazing sentient beings.
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Holly Reid Holly Reid
Office and New Membership Coordinator

Holly graduated with a Bachelor of Education from the University of Alberta, and she has chosen to branch out of the classroom and into the world of holistic health.

As the Office and New Membership Coordinator, she is the warm face and helping hand for practitioners looking to join the Association.

She spends her time away from the office with her young boy. They enjoy reading and singing together as well as exploring the trails and rivers our beautiful city has to offer. Her downtime is spent on a variety of craft projects and playing board games from an expansive collection.
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Xiao Zheng Xiao Zheng
Administrative Assistant

Xiao joined the NHPC staff in 2019. Currently she is doing her Master of Arts in the Department of Anthropology at the University of Alberta. Xiao's passion for holistic health comes from her Chinese background and her research on the Indigenous cultures in North America.

In her role of administrative assistant, Xiao is eager to create a welcome environment for members and provide as much help as she can.

When she is not at work, Xiao enjoys volunteering, museums, travelling, and checking out the local events.

Aaron Yee Aaron Yee
Member Relations Coordinator

Aaron graduated from the University of Alberta with a degree in Nutrition and Food Science and a minor in Physical Activity. He loves chatting with everyone, especially those in the natural health world.

As a Member Relations Coordinator, Aaron is dedicated to ensuring the satisfaction of our loyal members, as well as providing information to those who are interested with joining the Association.

He spends his spare time with his little girl, an Australian Shepard/Husky/Heeler puppy. Aaron also enjoys golfing and listening to a variety of different styles of music.
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