Our Complaints Resolution Process (CRP) supports public safety and the credibility of the profession by addressing complaints made against both past and present members.

When our Complaints Director receives a complaint, they assess it and investigate according to Article 10 of the NHPC Bylaws (PDF), the Complaints Resolution Process.

The CRP allows us to confidentially address alleged misconduct in fair and respectful way.

If you have concerns about the professional conduct of a practitioner, you can file a formal complaint or contact us for more information.

Ask Our Practice Management Team

If you have questions about a practitioner's conduct, a treatment you received, or are looking for general information about a holistic health practice, you can ask our Practice Management Team (PMT).

Speaking with the PMT allows you to remain anonymous while gathering information or sharing concerns. The PMT will answer your questions and discuss your options to help you decide if you want to file a formal complaint.

File a Formal Complaint

You can file a formal complaint about a practitioner with our Complaints Director. The complaint will be dealt with in the Complaints Resolution Process, which allows for an investigation and follow-up action if needed.

The complaint must be submitted in writing and signed by you, so formal complaints cannot be anonymous.

You can submit your complaint via letter or by filling out the Complaint Submission Form below. Please review the Guide for Complainant (PDF) before submitting a complaint.

If we start an investigation based on your submission, you must be available for follow-up if required. Follow-up may include interviews with an investigator or providing documentation to support your complaint.

For detailed information about the CRP or to submit a complaint, please refer to the following PDFs:
Complaints Resolution Process: General Information
Complaints Resolution Process: Infographic
Complaints Resolution Process: Guide for the Complainant
Complaint Submission Form / Fillable Complaint Submission Form

If you have additional questions about the CRP, please contact our Complaints Director at publiccomplaints@nhpcanada.org.