Member Services

Our Member Services team is dedicated to helping you manage your membership successfully.

Although you can manage your membership through your member account, our Member Services team is always here if you need any extra help with:

  • adding a new modality to your insurance
  • changing your name
  • getting proof of good standing
  • meeting the Continued Competency Program requirements
  • updating your member record
  • changing your insurance or membership type
  • anything else relating to your NHPC membership

You can contact our Member Services team at:
(toll-free) 1-888-711-7701
(local) 780-484-2010

Client Benefits Claims Support

Our Industry Relations team has built strong relationships with health benefits insurance companies so you can spend your time managing your practice instead of managing client claims.

Contact them for assistance with:

  • denied client claims
  • direct billing setup
  • business licensing questions
  • anything else relating to health benefits insurers

You can contact our Industry Relations team at:
(toll-free) 1-888-711-7701 ext. 222 or 238
(local) 780-484-2010 ext. 238 or 222

Practice Support

Our Practice Management staff are massage therapists with extensive professional experience. They provide leadership, support, and direction to members of all modalities.

You can contact them for help with topics like:

  • business best practices
  • workplace dilemmas
  • record keeping
  • ethical advertising
  • standards of practice
  • anything else relating to managing your practice

You can contact our Practice Management team at:
(toll-free) 1-888-711-7701 ext. 229 or 235
(local) 780-484-2010 ext. 235 or 229