Join us for a live conversation with Candace Pichonsky, experienced massage therapist, and Practice Competency Manager at the NHPC.

As part of our Practice Management team, Candace will go over what you need to know to remain safe and skillful throughout your career, including:

  • writing receipts so your clients can use them with their health benefits plan
  • planning for your continued learning
  • building the practice you want
  • setting boundaries to avoid burnout
  • ensuring you are being treated fairly by your employer
  • taking advantage of working on a 60/40 commission split

We will also discuss important member responsibilities, like renewing your membership and getting Continued Competency Program credits.

This 20-minute New Member Orientation Webinar is the perfect opportunity to meet NHPC staff and other members as well as learn how we can support you in your career.

We will guide you through the first few steps of being an NHPC member, then have an open Q&A where you can ask questions. Whether you are fresh out of school or an experienced practitioner, we look forward to meeting you!