Strengthen your holistic health community — and save money on your membership dues — by referring other practitioners to the NHPC.


The Referrer must be an existing NHPC regular or associate member who refers someone (the Applicant) to apply for NHPC membership.

The Applicant must be applying for NHPC regular membership for the first time (i.e., have not previously held regular or associate membership) or changing from a student membership to a regular membership.

The Applicant must enter the Referrer's name under the Referral Information section of the application form when first applying for membership.

Dues Reduction for Referral

Both the Referrer and the Applicant will receive a $50 reimbursement the next time they pay membership dues:

  • the Referrer will receive their reimbursement the next time they renew
  • the Applicant will receive $50 back when they join as a regular member or change from a student member to a regular member for the first time

Terms and Conditions

Each regular member can refer a maximum of three applicants per membership period.

The referral reduction can only be applied to membership dues and cannot be used toward the cost of insurance or taxes.

Reduction in dues will be applied in the form of a refund on the dues payment after the applications have been approved by NHPC staff.

This offer may be suspended, modified, or withdrawn at any time without notice.

Both the Referrer and the Applicant must agree to the Terms and Conditions and agree to be bound by them.

Any notice offered by the NHPC with respect to this offer is considered provided on the day it is posted on our website.