To keep you informed on how the COVID-19 pandemic affects your practice, we update this Q & A regularly and email you with special bulletins for your province. We encourage you to share this information, our social media posts, and our COVID-19 resources with your contacts.

How will this impact my membership?

How soon after receiving a COVID-19 vaccination should someone receive a holistic health treatment?

If a client or other contact tests positive for COVID-19, do I have to self-isolate?

Can I ask clients if they have been vaccinated?

If a client has been partially/fully vaccinated, do I still follow COVID-19 safety measures and practice protocols?

If a client asks if/when I've been vaccinated, do I have to tell them?

What should I tell a client if they ask me for my opinion or advice about vaccines?

Can I refuse to treat someone who has not been vaccinated?

Can I market on social media, websites, or signage that all therapists have been vaccinated?

Should I close my practice?

What do I need to do to practise safely?

What financial assistance is available to me?

What is COVID-19 Fraud?

Does the COVID-19 pandemic affect my liability insurance?

Who do I contact in the government if I want clarification on their directives?

What can I do to take care of myself?

What safety precautions can I take?

How do I stay informed?

What kinds of Continued Competency Program (CCP) activities can I do from home?

How can I meet my First Aid and CPR requirements with physical distancing?

Can I deliver services via online or video communications?

Can I still treat family members during physical distancing?

What can I do to manage my stress from this situation?

Provincial and Territorial Bulletins