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Advanced Orthopedic Massage - Certification Program

Date and Time: April 21, 2018
Location: Edmonton, AB
Price: Early admission price: $1099, Regular: $1575, Massage Student: 20% off current price.
Instructor: Mara Boaru PT, BScPT, RMT

Advanced Orthopedic Massage - Certification Program

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Rise above to provide the best treatment your clients crave. Provide the corrective care that brings recovery. This is muscle therapy that will rise your practice to the next level.

Become Certified as an Advanced OM Therapist

What is Advanced Orthopedic Massage (OM)?

Advanced Orthopedic Massage is based on the principle of massaging with respect to the musculature’s anatomy. You will be presented with concepts created by your instructor such as: muscle base, scooping and vector of force. Additionally, because the body is designed to move, a strong emphasis of this course is on moving the joints to produce the desired effect - a return to health. Enhance your skills to massage like an orthopedic surgeon, with precision and results.

How can your clients benefit from Advanced Orthopedic Massage (OM)?

This course will dramatically change your client’s progress and response to treatment.

Learn how to implement Orthopedic Massage in your regular practice and understand it in reference to pathologies.

Invest in YOURSELF and lengthen your career with improved body mechanics.

Course date: April 21-22, May 5-6 & Aug 13

For more information please visit: https://www.seminarsforhealth.ca/class/om-edm-18-04-certification-program-advanced-orthopedic-massage/