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Thai Yoga Massage Level 1: Foundations Skills - ITM Thai Massage School of Chiang Mai, Thailad Method

April 5, 2019 to April 7, 2019

Location: Winnipeg
Instructor: Sharon Brown-Horton; ITM Affiliate Instructor Graduate 2004
Price: $595 CAD+gst

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Thai Yoga Massage Level 1: Foundation SkillsITM Thai Massage School of Chiang Mai, Thailand Method - this is the very same course curriculum that you would get at the school in ThailandTaught by: Sharon Brown-Horton, ITM Affiliate InstructorSharon is authorized by ITM to use the school's workbooks and curriculumCourse Location: Delta Hotel, 350 St. Mary Avenue, WinnipegCourse Time: 10AM - 6PM each dayTo reserve your space:  Place a $100 non-refundable deposit with Etransfer or Credit Card and pay the balance 14 days prior to first day of course.  Contact Sharon directly at sharon_brownhorton@hotmail.com or call 604-773-2645

Thai Yoga Massage Level 1: Foundation Skills is for the student who is new to the concept of Traditional Thai Yoga Massage on the floor mat.  No previous massage experience is required.  Please let Sharon know if you are interested in working on a Massage Table instead of the floor mat.

  • Upon completion of this course, students will be able to perform a combination of 65 full body Thai Massage and Thai Yoga stretch techniques with the recipient in the Supine and Seated positions.  The front body is the main focus of this course.  Level 2 (see below) focuses much of the work on the back body.
  • Learn Reflexology for feet, hands and face
  • Learn how to manipulate clients into assisted passive stretches, including inversions of Shoulder Stand, 'Happy Baby', Plow and many hip opening postures, hamstring & calf stretches.
  • Learn how to perform acupressure work over 3 major Sen Internal Energy Lines of the Legs.
  • Students are taught in a step by step method, following a picture workbook, to enhance learning of the techniques.  Instructor demonstrations will be followed by hands on student practice time.

Next Course:  Thai Massage Level 2: Intermediate will be offered at the same Delta Hotel Winnipeg location 3-days from Tues. April 9 to Thurs. April 11 / $595 +gst CAD / 10AM - 6PM each day.Recieve a 10% DISCOUNT when registering for BOTH Level 1 & Level 2Level 2 Intermediate introduces the student to new positions with the recipient in the Side Lying, Prone and Seated positions.  This will offer 62 new Thai Yoga Massage sequences, focusing much of the work on the back body and stretches for hip flexors and quadriceps.  Seated work focuses on spinal R.O.M. and work on upper neck, shoulders and back.