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Intraoral TMJ with Precision Level 1

Date and Time: February 26, 2019
Location: Calgary, AB
Price: Early admission price: $285, Regular: $319 Massage Student: 20% off current price.
Instructor: Mara Boaru, PT, BscPT, RMT

Intraoral TMJ with Precision Level 1

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NHPC Credits: 5

Learn an effective and respectful way to treat the temporomandibular joint INTRAORALLY.

Become confident and expand your practice. Great referral opportunities with this growing demand.

Offer a new and specialized service to your clients.

By taking this course you will review the anatomy and mechanics of the jaw.

You will learn to palpate the challenging soft tissue and joint components to ensure precise treatment.

The factors involved in various pathologies and evaluation strategies will be discussed.

Plus lots of hand-on practice time will be accounted for.

Lastly, we will be discussing ways to incorporate the new techniques into your practice and how to access this niche clientele.

Course Date: February 26, 2019 (Tuesday)

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