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Reflexology Ergonomics Webinar Series

February 4, 2019 to February 27, 2019

Instructor: Lesley Baartman
Price: $60-series, $25 per webinar

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Working with your hands a good part of the day puts strain on muscles and joints; good ergonomics is vital to minimize repetitive stress injuries. Some posture habits and therapy techniques may be contributing to neck strain, shoulder and arm pain, backache, sore wrists and hands. There are ways to practice Reflexology to minimize repetitive stress injuries without compromising the effectiveness of your therapy.This webinar series looks at the most effective seated working position to maintain neutral posture for Reflexology; then focuses on Reflexology techniques and recommendations to support good posture and minimize repetitive stress.

There are 3 webinars in the series with 2 date & time options per webinar,for more information on the content of each webinar and the dates, please visit www.reflexinstitute.ca or e-mail reflexologyworkshops@shaw.ca

Costs: $60 for the series (3 webinars) or $25 per webinar.