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Professional Cupping Therapies

March 2, 2019 to March 4, 2019

Location: Edmonton
Instructor: Winona Mondor D.Ac, RN, CH, RMT
Price: $385

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Professional Cupping Therapies & Advanced Cupping for Fascia ReleaseTake the 2 day foundations class Professional Cupping class. with the option to add the condensed Advanced Cupping for Fascia release, class for the discounted rate of only $215 more.Professional Cupping TherapiesThis is the comprehensive foundation course, that covers, all cupping tools and styles. To give the practitioner a wide variety of skills & techniques to help your clients and practice.This class is approved by the main associations and will enable you to practice cupping legally and with insurance.Learn how to safely and effectively use suction type cups in your daily practice as a highly effective adjunct therapy.Learn Valuable cupping techniques and be introduced to the original Fascia trains; the Ancient Sinew channels.Utilizing both; powerful plastic and versatile silicone cups, with the opportunity to try glass fire cupping under direct supervision will also be provided.This course will provide the participant with the skills necessary to utilize these versatile and effective tools immediately. Including;History & benefits of cuppingPreparing the therapist and patient for cuppingCupping procedure and methodsPrecautions and contraindicationsClient education and informed consentProtocols taught include:Myo- Fascial release, and softening & joint treatmentsThe ancient fascia lines; the SINEW CHANNELSTrigger points & active release techniquesOrgan system balancing, and detoxificationLymphatic drainage & cellulite treatmentCupping face lift, skin firming and spa applicationsInvestment: $385, for 2 daysCupping sets sold for $60 at the classRecognized for Con-Ed credits, withNHPC; 14, RMTA; 12, MTAA; 7.MTAS 10.5Advanced Cupping for Fascia ReleaseSecond level of cupping practice for those that have taken Professional Cupping Therapies. This offering will be a demo and practice dayWe will explore;• The Fascia and its Tendino-Muscular Meridians (the original fascia trains)• Classical Chinese theory and treatments of Bi (arthritis) Syndromes• Key Acupoint points and stimulation to affect pain and tissues and treat disordered fascia• Stretching and active release techniques using special fascia cups, to create deep and immediate release of fascia tension, and promote body alignment• Ear reflexology and seeding; teaching and practice• Gua Sha; for fascia/ tendon softening and Acupoint stimulation• Moxibustion Therapy; building warmth in joints and Acupoints• Topical therapies; Essential oils and Chinatown favorite• Compress Therapies & Healing Metals; from Anthroposophic medicine's tradition and practices• Aroma drop cupping spinal & reflexology treatmentFor $215 you will receive a 70 page reference binder and certificateInvestment: $385, for 2 days or $600 for 3 days and 2 coursesor email cuppingtraining@gmail.com780 619 6260The trainer has been using cupping for 22 years and is a practicing Registered Nurse, Massage Therapist and Acupuncturist. She has been teaching these workshops since 2012 across Canada and has had many international students, fly in to learn her effective techniques and unique perspective based on ancient Asian medicine .