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Assessment and Treatment of the Pelvic Girdle and Lumbar Spine

March 22, 2019 to March 24, 2019

Location: Regina
Instructor: Curtis Taylor RMT
Price: $400.00

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If you are looking to increase your ability to assess and treat the dysfunctions of lower back this course is for you.

Learn to assess and treat up shear and down shear dysfunctions, as well as pubic symphysis dysfunctions of the pelvic girdle. Learn to assess and treat Type One (neutral mechanics) and Type Two (flexion and extension) vertebral dysfunctions in the lumbar vertebra.

Massage techniques to compliment the dysfunctions will be included.

 Mr. Taylor has studied Massage Therapy for over 25 years. Currently, Mr. Taylor works with many of Saskatchewan’s favorite professional football players.

Check http://www.act-massage.ca/    or  


to see pictures of some the players  Mr. Taylor has worked with over the past several years.