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Advanced Stone Hot & Cold (2 Levels) 25 Hour

June 1, 2019 to June 2, 2019

Location: Lethbridge
Instructor: Joni Brestler
Price: $575.00

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Cold slowes nerve firing! Learn to work with marble cold stones & combine hot/cold stones, Advanced Techinques include TMJD treatment, Sinus drainage, full body Nerve Sedation, full body Nerve Pain treatment, full body Lymphatic Drainage, Stone Reflexology, Alternate hot/cold flushing, Neck work, Face treatment, Inflammation and Pain treatment, Tendonitis & treat more specialized targeted conditions in this 2 day 25 hour certificate class. 15 hours training with 10 self-directed practicums you can charge for on your own clients. Cold is more effective than ibuprofen or acetaminophen according to research!! lasts longer, more effective, Cold slows nerve firing! pre-requisite: Hot stone training. NHPC 15 domain ccps, RMTA 12 ceu's, MTAS 15-20 ceu's. To register email: jonibrestler@hotmail.com or call/text 1-403-891-4822 $100 deposit required. Visa, MC, etransfer accepted secure. Class held in Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Regina, Lethbridge different years. $575+gst. Last class in Edmonton for 2 or 3 years! alternating cities each year for class.