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Thai Massage on the Table

May 4, 2019 to May 5, 2019

Location: Regina
Instructor: Sharon Brown-Horton
Price: $495 CAD +gst

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Thai Massage on the Table This course is well suited to both beginners as well as experienced Thai Massage practitioners alike - no pre-requisites are required.

  • Learn a combination of Thai Massage sequences in the Supine, Prone and Side Lying positions, as it can be applied to the massage table - the practitioner has the option to either stay on the floor, or move on and off the table.  Many possibilities will be explored throughout this course.
  • Upon completion, the student will be able to perform a 60 - 120 min. full body Thai Massage that includes work on passive yogic stretches to target legs, hips, spine, shoulders and arms.
  • Learn 9 Reflexology points for the feet to target reflex zones of the digestive system, solar plexus, spine and thyroid.
  • Learn how to locate and work 3-major Sen Energy Lines on the legs and arms.  These lines in combination, help to relieve back pain, aid in digestion, improve heart & lung health, reduce stress & tension in the body and improve overall health.