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Event Info

Muscle TunerĀ® Specialist Program

Date and Time: November 5, 2019
Location: Across North America - Ongoing Enrolment,
Price: $2500
Instructor: Denise Cambiotti

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Ongoing Enrollment

Combination online and in-person seminar format (seminar locations and dates are advertised on our website and subject to change based on needs).
NHPC recognizes - 15 Continuing Education Credits

The participant will:
- learn history and theory of manual muscle testing
- develop knowledge and skill to accurately and safely perform 52 individual manual tests

efficiently select and apply the best corrections to optimally facilitate muscles
competently perform four protocols and two proprietary procedures to address range of motion issues, chronic pain and mental/emotional stress
-  perform techniques to reset body electrics and increase neuro muscular integration
- be able to assist clients in durably improving strength, flexibility and vitality while reducing stress, tension and pain.

This program is intended to extend the effectiveness of other physically-based therapies and fitness regimes. Our intended audiences are: Massage Therapists, body workers and those working in the field of fitness and rehabilitation. 

Program consists of 48 hours divided between home based study at one’s own pace plus the in-person seminar. 
The online / home study portion of our program encompasses:
6.5 hours of video, organized into manageable chunk sizes
6 hours reading (manual and summary sheets),
8 hours of practical assignments,
3.5 hours of online assessments,
The in-person seminar encompasses 24 hours not including lunch breaks.
A final written online exam after completing the seminar requires up to one hour to complete.

Participants access an evergreen online training platform that contains numerous videos and downloadable materials. Here they are exposed to all the information required to learn how to perform muscle testing and Muscle Tuning™. They will also receive a full colour Program Reference Manual. There are one-hour group bi-weekly teleconference sessions led by an instructor for a period of up to one year from enrollment. 

In order to obtain the right to use our trademark, participants are required to attend a three day in-person seminar to practice the art and skill of muscle-testing and Muscle Tuning™ (those with sufficient prior learning, determined on a case-by-case basis may elect to not attend the in-person event). Succesful completion of the Program leads to right to use trademark: Muscle Tuner® Specialist 

The seminar provides auditory, visual and kinesthetic instruction which includes review of key material along with exercises to develop competency with procedures and enhance skill level. Everyone is expected to complete the program within 365 days.