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Event Info

Understanding the Complexity of Concussion

Date and Time: September 12, 2020
Location: Calgary, AB
Instructor: Conor Collins

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Workshop Description

Concussion is often scary for practitioners to deal with it. It can often become frustrating with the idea of formulating an assessment and treatment plan around something seemingly so ambiguous. 

The objective of this course is to gain a full understanding of the complexity of mild traumatic brain injury. At the end of day one you will leave confident of the path to take from time of injury through to patient assessment and guidance. Practitioners will have a thorough understanding of the recognition of red flags, how to assess, when to refer and make appropriate evidence decisions. 

Day 2 begins by providing strategies for rehabilitation and guidance on specific symptoms patterns. An in class case study or live patient helps solidify information presented during day one. The afternoon discusses common types of headaches suffered by a post concussion patient and how to address them in treatment. Lastly, the course addresses the cervical spine’s influence concussion. You will be provided with assessment, treatment and rehabilitation strategies based on particular patient presentations. 


About the Presenter

Conor Collins is a Canadian massage therapist and has been practicing and teaching in Ontario for 13 years. As both a massage therapist and sports injury therapist, Conor provides a unique approach to clinical practice by combining disciplines of manual therapy and movement-based rehabilitation strategies.

Conor shares a special interest in concussion management. His passion is to help massage therapists better understand the nervous system and its role following a concussion injury. Conor’s goal is to help educate massage therapists worldwide and help them to become leaders in the concussion management space. 

Conor is the owner of a private multidisciplinary clinic just outside of Toronto, Ontario. While not in clinical practice, he is on faculty at Mohawk College in the massage therapy program. He is also the producer of the podcast, “The Concast”, where he discusses the manual therapy industry from an evidence-based perspective. 

Throughout his career, Conor has  had the pleasure of working major sporting events such as the Pan Am games, as well as managing athletes and consulting for national-level and club teams in both the NHL and NCAA.


Date, Time and Venue

Date: September 12 to 13, 2020

Time: 8:00am to 6:00pm (Day 1) and 8:00am to 5:00pm (Day 2)

Cost: $400

Venue: MH Vicars School of Massage in Calgary, 200 Country Hills Landing NW #101, Calgary, AB T3K 5P3

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Items to Bring

  • Massage table for 3 people,
  • Relfex hammers
  • Loose comfy clothing
  • Pen and notepad