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Stress Release Made Easy - On Line

Date and Time: March 30, 2020
Location: on line , AB
Price: $68.00
Instructor: Christine Plumb

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Stress Releae Made Easy - online 

This is a 2 hour online with supported follow up, making this a 6 hour one day workshop! 

First aid for your soul!

Power of choice and change ... K-POWER!

Deveolped by the International Collage Professional Kinesiology Practice and taught in colleges globally.

About this course....

What is stress, and how does the body respond to it? Understanding this will help you to manage your stress, recharge your energy and recover more quickly from illness and injury.

In this workshop you will learn:

• Emotional stress release (ESR).
• Emotional balancing with affirmations.
• Alarm points and essential oils to use with them for best results.
• Meridians and emotions - positive and negative.
• Breathing, Exercise and stress management.
• Nutrition for stress management, health, energy, and vitality.

• Long-term stress management

Educational Format

• Guided Experiential Learning- Hear a brief introduction to material and observe a live demonstration, of each particular technique or skill.

• Students  work individually and or with their family  to experience and learn these new skills.

• Feedback Q&A and group discussion will  follow to maximize learning by drawing from each others’ experiences as well, weekly in a zoom room.

"K-Power®’s simple and powerful techniques show you how to recognize the warning signs of stress, and tailor stress management approaches. Tolerance of and resistance to stress, and manage stress effectively in everyday life.”

Dr Bruce Dewe, K-Power® Co-Founder.

After you are registed you will get an email from your instructor Christine Plumb  outling the next steps to order your downloadable version of the workbook as well as a link where you can order your printable version of the workshop. Please note the printable  version will take about 2 weeks to reach you.

This workbook is manditory for all students registered. 


contact me directly for details!
403 843 6768


Christine Plumb

Meet your instructor Christine.....

With a passion for life changing healing experiences, Christine uses her skills as a Registered Massage Therapist and Touch For Health Instructor and Consultant to improve her students and clients lives in an extraordinarily balanced way. As a young woman Christine was plagued with life altering, life limiting migraines and dizziness, after traditional medications produced more insufferable side effects, she sought out complimentary healing opportunities. Touch For Health, a simple, effective methodology stopped her health issues in their tracks. Learning to implement these tools in her life left Christine amazed, empowered, energized and able to live life to its fullest again... symptom free. Christine now shares her wisdom and experiences as a professional speaker, instructor, and mentor. She lives life of vitality as an active mother of four and successful business owner with two decades of serving her Central Alberta Community. Christine is a leader in her industry.