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Indian Head Massage Training (Champissage)

Date and Time: September 25, 2020
Location: Calgary , AB
Price: $450 +GST or $599 +GST if taken with Indian Foot Massage
Instructor: Lee-ann Harder

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INDIAN HEAD MASSAGE TRAINING 3-Day Training                                                                  

(75% hands-on - 25% theory in class)
1 to 2 hour pre reads/video viewing prior to training.

TRAINING LOCATION:  Calgary SW (Glamorgan)

Indian Head Massage treatment timeline.

30 minutes without optional oils - 35 - 45 minutes with optional oils.

Flow of treatment includes 45 unique moves in a specific regions of the body working up the body while the client is seated fully clothed in a standard armless chair. Minimal Equipment required. 

  • Grounding 
  • Upper back
  • Shoulders
  • Upper Arms
  • Neck
  • Head 
  • Face/Ears
  • Chakra Balancing 
  • Optional Hair Oil -  Application time 3 minutes. In some situations a heated towel is placed on head for an additional 10 minutes - not a requirement to benefit from the oil but clients do enjoy this post treatment ritual with a chai tea in hand. 

A few detailed explanations on how Indian Head Massage can affect the body. 

Pressure Points of the Head (Suture lines) - Working on these areas helps restore cranial mobility, ease and release restrictions of the head which in turn can release headaches and initiate full body relaxation and in some case improve hair growth. With optional hair oil applied, itchy and dry scalp conditions can also combated. 

Upper Back and Shoulders - Releases Traps, Rhomboids and Levator allowing neck area to relax and self adjust when the neck moves are applied in that region.

Ears - The gallbladder channel wraps around the ear. Why does that matter? The main symptoms for gallbladder heat include dizziness, tinnitus, headache on the sides of the head, dry throat, bitter taste, eye pain, hypochondriac pain, irritability, insomnia, and red face. 

As the Vagus Nerve is stimulated through areas like the ear and below the occipital bone, blood pressure and heart rate are immediately lowered and a deeper, more restful sleep promoted.

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