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The Orthopaedic Approach For Massage Therapists: The Knee (Calgary )

Date and Time: September 26, 2020
Location: Calgary, AB
Price: Early Bird: 475.00 Regular Price 525.00
Instructor: Dr. Lanre Salami and Kristi-Lynn Mitchell

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 “The Orthopaedic Approach”, created by Dr. Lanre Salami, is a complimentary approach to orthopedic massage involving orthopedic assessment and cross fiber frictions. No other courses offer you the skills to identify muscular dysfunction with confidence and perform cross fiber frictions with such accuracy!

Take part in our two-day module, “The Knee”, to learn the following:

·       How to take a proper case history, questions that are important to ask for knee injuries

·       The assessment protocols and special tests for this region

·       How to interpret your assessment results

·       How to use cross-fiber frictions to treat conditions in this area

·       Proper treatment frequency and therapeutic exercises

Conditions you will learn to identify and manage in this course include:

  •  Ligament Pathology (medial collateral ligament, lateral collateral ligament, Coronary ligament, infrapatellar ligament)
  • Meniscal injury
  •  Bursitis
  •   Dysfunctional patellar tracking, patellar femoral syndrome, as well as chondromalacia patellae
  •  Specific muscle lesions of the knee

Continuing Education Credits:      MTAA:   16 Primary          NHPC:   10          CMMOTA:      12        CRMTA: 14

Venue: Orthopaedic Massage Consultants

Fee: Early Bird: $475.00 – Regular price: $525.00

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