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Functional Myofascial Release Therapy Level I

Date and Time: November 20, 2020
Location: Edmonton, AB
Price: $895.00
Instructor: Brandon Barr

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FMRT Level I Course Description

(Functional Myofascial Release Therapy)

This course was created to educate manual therapists not only how to assess and treat patients and their pain, but also to address the postural dysfunctions that are causing it. Participants will truly begin to learn how to master the assessment, treatment and repatterning of the fascia that is causing the pain and dysfunction. A detailed focus on eliminating the dysfunction with specific strength and stretch protocols will also be addressed throughout each module of the course.

My myofascial release techniques have been created and refined over the last 16 plus years of practice to effectively address patterned fascial restriction and biomechanical dysfunction. The course uses detailed descriptions of Thomas Myers 12 myofascial meridians and the basic understanding of the anatomy of fascia and its direct correlation with patterns of restriction that cause pain.

This course contains a detailed postural assessment from standing to table and vice versa. Throughout each module, there will be coverage of indications and contraindications with each meridian and technique. A complete exercise and stretching protocol to help your clients enhance the effects after each treatment will also be taught.

This three-day course will outline my FMRT theory and educate each therapist on the specific hands-on techniques I have created to dramatically increase the overall health and function of your clients. The first level will provide a theoretical postural, and structural understanding of your client, how therapists can work safely and more efficiently and how you can use FMRT in aiding the human body to move in a happy healthy way.