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Neural Reflexology Online

Date and Time: November 26, 2020
Price: $120- $200
Instructor: Lesley Baartman

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Neural Reflexology is a useful addition to your practice; complementing your holistic therapy session by including reflexes associated with the nervous system to address physical and emotional imbalances.

Neural Reflexology Online is available throughout the year and, is based on the in-person workshop. The content and delivery of the online workshop closely follow the in-class workshop. You will feel like you are right there in class with me. Included is a detailed manual studied alongside online Powerpoint presentations and follow-along Video clips demonstrating the practical aspects; Student support via e-mail, voice or virtual call, and a Certificate of Completion.

There are 2 levels to the program, taken individually or as a package.

·         Neural Reflexology: The fundamentals. An in-depth look at foot reflexes related to the nervous system including cranial nerves, spinal nerves & nerve plexuses.

·         Neural Reflexology: Advanced techniques focus on hand reflexes relating to the nervous system.  Also included are advanced techniques for the foot and lower leg spinal reflex. Emotional and behavioural patterns related to the spinal reflex are also addressed.

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Eligible for continuing education credits

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