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Certification Program – SFH Intraoral TMJ

Date and Time: September 12, 2021
Location: Alberta, AB
Price: Price: Early admission price: $569, Regular: $634, Massage Students Only Pay: $512. Deposit accepted.
Instructor: Seminars for Health Faculty

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Become a “Certified SFH Intraoral TMJ Therapist” 

Credits: NHPC 10 

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Facial and neck pain causes dysfunction in the TMJ, the associated muscles and supporting tissues. Learn to treat the temporomandibular joint and muscles disorders intraorally.  

Provide highly precise care and relief to clients suffering from the most common facial pain. There is a growing demand in the dental world for Therapists offering intraoral care through massage. Expand your clientele and provide a unique modality to the ones suffering from temporomandibular disorders.  

Become a certified Intraoral TMJ Therapist by passing both levels of this highly skilled course. 

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