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Date and Time: May 17, 2021
Location: Online,
Price: $520
Instructor: Verica Kikanovic

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Hot stone massage is a popular treatment for stress relief, reduction of muscle stiffness and boost of blood circulation. Clients absolutely love this treatment because it’s a warm, relaxing and tension relieving treatment but on the other side it also helps to reduce the amount of strain on the therapist’s hands. Not too much pressure is needed to get the deeper muscle layers.

Hot Stone Treatment could be done with lighter pressure and in this case, it is a relaxation massage. Warm stones are used for deep massage over the muscle groups with specific massage techniques such as muscle kneading, deep muscle stripping, ischemic compressions and cross fiber friction to treat hypertonicity, trigger points and adhesions.

During the treatment, stones could be used as a tool for applying massage techniques but also as a heating “pad” that could be laid to rest on the area that should be warmed up before deep massage.

Benefits are: softening of tissue for deeper massage, major increase in circulation, improves lymphatic flow, relief of muscle pain and tension, increased flexibility and ROM of joints, decrease of chronic pain, rheumatoid or osteoarthritic pain, reduce depression, anxiety and insomnia, promotes detoxification of overall body. 

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