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Indian Head Massage (Champisssage)

Date and Time: July 23, 2021
Location: Edmonton , AB
Price: $450+GST
Instructor: Lee-ann Harder

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 3-DAY Training. 

Please be sure you read the course details on the website including the FAQ page and the information provided on the Training Dates/Fees page where you will find most of your questions answered. Additional training dates and locations can also be found there. 

15 CEC credits with NHPC12 CEC credits with RMTA14 CEC Credits with CRMTA24 CEC credits with MTAA15 CEC credits with MTAS: 15 CEC credits with R.A.C: 6 CEC credits with MTAM


  • DAILY TIMES: 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM
  • COST: $450 + GST 
  • Class MAX: 12 Students 
  • Pre Reads Prior to the Training 

No Prerequisites are required to take this training. Please be sure you read the full details on the website page for Indian Head Massage and the FAQ.

Who benefits from this treatment? Many professionals take this training to offer to their clients in spas, yoga centres, health clinics and beyond. Many non professionals take this to offer to family and friends which often leads them further along into full body massage training. 

This training course is fairly demanding and requires good attention to the details being taught during the training days and to be able to do the at-home non-optional practices each night of the training. 

The Indian Head Massage (Champissage) once formed a part of women´s daily beauty routines in India, before it became the common more comprehensive massage treatment that it is today and is now offered world wide.

The massage balances the body, mind and spirit as it relaxes the muscles, realigns the joints, improves blood and energy flow throughout the body and stimulates the lymphatic.    

The moves are not standard massage moves but for trained RMT's some of the moves can easily be incorporated into standard massage treatments. While this is a comprehensive treatment on it's own it is also a suitable and well received  add-on treatment to an hour massage. 

The moves include work on the upper back, the shoulders, upper arms, neck, head and face. The final energy balancing moves incorporate the upper 3 chakras taught in this course. 

Some A & P of the areas worked on are covered within the training and as well, the Benefits and Contraindications of the treatment are discussed at length and are also detailed on the website. 

This is a sound and affordable way to introduce yourself into the world of the alternative healing arts or to enhance your existing tool kit. 

Indian Head Massage is growing in popularity and is offered in many small to high end spas around the world. For more information please review the well detailed website in good detail including the FAQ page. 

Why do people seek to have this treatment? 
It is affordable, safe and requires no oils during the treatment. Clients may opt into a treatment of hair oil following the treatment but this is not used during the treatment.  
People can remain clothed so it's convenient to offer inside short timelines and in  unique settings where other types of massage might not be suited.
A well trained and practiced therapist consistently experiences positive results with clients. 
It is a complementary treatment to many other treatments. Will be taught in conjunction with Indian Foot Massage. (1- day)