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Event Info

Muscle Release Hot Stone

Date and Time: November 19, 2021
Location: edmonton , AB
Price: $550
Instructor: Alix Sutherland

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Muscle Release Hot Stone’s Course was created to provide evidence-based courses. During the course we will be using a unique approach with the hot stones for a deep tissue, therapeutic massage for the sole purpose of releasing the muscles. We will be using the stones for heat and as a tool to protect your hands.

The heat provides more nutrients, oxygen, and proteins, that promote faster healing. This course also utilizes the stones to passively and/ or actively stretching a muscle while holding onto a trigger point. The heat not only helps the client’s muscles, but the therapist’s hands as well. 

 Our aim with this course is to provide an easy way to use the benefits of heat, save your hands, and have longer lasting effects for the patient. During the course you will master,

·         Learning a unique technique that is both efficient and effective

·         Understanding depth/ pressure of stones

·         Understanding how to effectively release muscles with stones

·         Understanding the contraindications

·         Understanding the benefits of using heat

·         Learning Movement Release Techniques with stones