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Essential Oils, Blends, VitaFlex & Raindrop Therapy

Date and Time: October 15, 2021
Location: Calgary SW, AB
Price: $295.00
Instructor: Joni Brestler

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Learn to work with essential oils! Add to your massage, or do as stand alone treatments. Easy to do, learn 4+ hours theory on how oils work in the body, oil chemistry, medical research with oils, Emotions & oils, treat pain arthritis & inflammation, treating 14+ specific conditons with blend treatments, using oils along the spine with Spine chart connects to nerves and organs, reactions with oils, understand weaknesses in the body, help reduce viruses, boost immune system, aid circulation, aid digestion, respiration, hormone balance, stress, anxiety, aid detox, treat pain and inflammation & much more. Vita Flex techniques, warm compress, feet work. Learn 14 blend recipes, do various 30minute treatments in packages! Understand how to work with oils and what they do. Amazing results! No pre-requisites!  Research says working with oils results in 60% better health with 70% quicker recovery from illness or infections.  Offer oil therapies & offer treatments packages targeting specific health issues! One day certificate class, $295+gst. Oils, blends, everything provided at class except tables, linens. NHPC 5 ccp's, RMTA 3-4 ceu's. To register: or call/text 1-403-891-4822. Visa MC etransfer accepted secure. Another tool in your tool box! Host a class!