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Event Info

Advanced Cupping for Fascial Release & Lymphatics

Date and Time: October 24, 2021
Location: Edmonton, AB
Price: $250
Instructor: Winona Mondor D.Ac RN RMT

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Advanced Cupping for Fascia Release & Lymphatics

Second level of cupping practice for those that have taken Professional Cupping Therapies.

We will explore;

  • The  Fascia  and its Tendino-Muscular Meridians  (the original fascia trains)
  • Classical Chinese theory and cupping treatments of Bi (arthritis) Syndromes
  • Key Acupoint points and stimulation to affect pain and tissues and treat disordered fascia. 
  • Stretching and active release cupping techniques to create deep and immediate release of fascia tension, and promote body alignment
  • Ear  reflexology and seeding;  teaching and practice, for acute pain treatment
  • Aroma drop cupping spinal & reflexology treatment
  • Lymphatic Cupping & practice
  • Cupping Body Wraps for lymphatic drainage and skin Firming

NHPC 5 credits 1 day workshop

Cost $250 for the 1 day  when the Professional cupping therapies class is complete

participants will need to bring their hard plastic cup sets for this class. Or they will be available for purchase, for $65

Edmonton October 24