To safeguard our employees and visitors, the NHPC office itself is closed and staff are working remotely.  
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NHPC webinars are an engaging way for practitioners to share their learning experience with peers and have live interactions with class presenters, regardless of their location.

NHPC Webinar: Introduction to Chair Massage

This webinar helps massage therapists and bodyworkers understand what constitutes a great seated massage or chair massage. 

NHPC Webinar: Everything You Need to Know About Your CCP Credits

Are you confused about how our Continued Competency Program (CCP) works? Do you often wonder why you need to do it and how you can get more credits? Do you know there are many low-cost and even free activities that you can do for credit? Join us for this webinar as we break down the basics for you and address a few of the most commonly asked questions around the CCP.

NHPC Webinar: Gut Health = Good Health

Learn how to cleanse, rebuild, and strengthen your digestive system and overall well-being with proactive tips and techniques.

NHPC Webinar: Supporting Vagus Nerve Health With Reflexology

To celebrate International Reflexology Week, this one-hour webinar will explore what makes reflexology unique: relieving stress and facilitating the relaxation response. The vagus nerve is at the centre of this response, and you will learn how reflexology therapy can facilitate vagus tone.