Introduction to Massage Cupping

Introduction to Massage Cupping

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As a complement to traditional Massage Therapy treatments, Cupping Therapy techniques used in connection with manual therapy can benefit clients with a wide range of conditions and health issues. Manual therapists use pressure created by their hands and body mechanics to apply pressure (compression) for treatment of musculoskeletal issues. This Introduction to Massage Cupping course provides training for manual therapists to use negative suction (decompression) created by the cups to make sure every treatment is as effective as possible with the least amount of strain on your body.   

Save your hands and your body by incorporating Massage Cupping today!

This 1-day / 8 hour course is designed to provide manual therapy practitioners with the basic skills and understanding to incorporate Massage Cupping in their clinical environment as a soft tissue tool. 

This course will also complete the pre-requisite requirements for additional Cupping Mastery courses:

  • Kinetic Cupping Level 1
  • Kinetic Cupping Level 2
  • Clinical Cupping Level 1
  • Clinical Cupping Level 2

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Who can take the course: All manual therapy professionals and anyone with a basic understanding of Anatomy and Physiology. During the training, continual assessment will be undertaken to determine mastery of the techniques presented. 

Pre-Requisites: Training in manual therapy or completion of a basic Anatomy and Physiology course.

Credential Awarded: Students will receive a Certificate of Completion for presentation to their governing body and/or insurance provider confirming attendance and completion of the training.