Kinetic Cupping Level 2

Kinetic Cupping Level 2

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Cupping is a therapeutic practice that many trace to the history of Chinese medicine, but actually predates as far back as the ancient Greeks and Egyptians. Cupping is defined as ‘a process by which a device is pressed against the skin and air is then removed to create a vacuum”.  This vacuum pulls the tissue upwards inside of the cup and promotes blood flow to the area to enhance blood flow and circulation, stimulating the body's own healing processes.

Most Cupping has been done in static positions as a therapeutic tool for relaxation and over the last several years, dynamic or massage cupping has gained a great deal of popularity. Where things have changed is the recent arrival of combining cupping with movement, which allows for greater therapeutic benefit. Kinetic Cupping brings together the use of Cupping with both active and passive movement to release restrictions, reduce pain and increase range of motion.  Evidence suggests that manual therapy practitioners may have better outcomes when using tools in conjunction with active movement exercises.

This course is designed to provide manual therapy practitioners with the essential skills to start using Kinetic Cupping for results with patients immediately using polycarbonate plastic cups.  You must have cups to use in the course.  Cupping Sets can be purchased on site.

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Who can take the course: All manual therapy professionals. During the training, continual assessment will be undertaken to determine mastery of the techniques presented.  

Pre-Requisites:  Training in manual therapy and completion of an Introduction to Massage Cupping course of at least 8 hours in length (from any provider) and completion of Kinetic Cupping Level 1.

Credential Awarded:  Students will receive a Certificate of Completion for presentation to their governing body and/or insurance provider confirming attendance and completion of the training.