Thai Foot Reflexology

Thai Foot Reflexology

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Prerequisite: None
Duration: 18 Hours   Times: 9:00 am - 4:00 pm

The primary focus of this course will be to teach students how to work with the reflex points on the feet using both their hands and a reflexology stick. The course will also teach students which reflex points correspond with which organ and system in the body.

The instructor, Grant Martens, is the owner and founder of Sirius Health and is recognized as a Registered Instructor and an Advanced Registered Thai Therapist by the Thai Healing Alliance International (THAI). Grant is also a Certified Instructor for the International Training Massage School (ITM) of Chiang Mai, Thailand, and is licensed by the Natural Health Practitioners of Canada (NHPC) as a Thai Massage Practitioner.

This course will begin with a half-hour of Wai Kru and Reusi Dat Ton each day. Each day will then follow with a short lecture. Course content on day one will be a full introduction to Thai Foot Reflexology. We will look at options for lotions, oils and balms on the second day. And we will talk about the contraindications and cautionary sites associated with Thai Foot Reflexology on the third day. There will be a short quiz for each section that the instructor will review the next day before the subsequent lecture.

Students will spend the majority of their day learning Thai massage techniques. There will be two students per Thai massage chair. The instructor will first demonstrate a set of techniques to the students. The first group of students will then practise these techniques on their partner by following the instructor through the sequence, and then the student will switch places, and the second group of students will practice on the first group.

There will be an hour at the end of each day for students to stay and practice if they wish. The instructor will be available to help during this extra time.

The final day will have two periods of demonstrations in the morning and two periods of practical examination in the afternoon. The week will end with a short closing program during which students will receive their certificates.

By the end of this course, students will be able to perform a complete 60-minute Thai foot massage.

Included: Handbook, Online Course Access, Certificate