Touch For Health® Levels 1 - 4

Touch For Health® Levels 1 - 4

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Learn About Touch For Health® &
How it is Revolutionizing Wholistic Wellness

Continuing Education Credits for H+NHPC members - 

Whether you’d like to better help your clients, your loved ones, or yourself, Touch For Health® can help you dramatically improve your level of care – emotionally, physically, and nutritionally. The results can be truly life-changing.

As a Certified Touch for Health (TFH) Consultant, Instructor, and Assessor, I used this unique methodology to successfully help alleviate my own migraines as a young adult, and I’ve been helping students and clients use it to radically transform their lives ever since.

Touch For Health Introduction and level 1-4

TFH is a wholistic, natural, and complementary method for balancing the body’s muscles and energy system.

It integrates Western and Eastern medicine approaches to well-being in a holistic way, helping individuals to balance their posture, energy, and attitude, using muscle testing and touch reflexes.

  • Increase your vitality,
  • Discover your reason for being,
  • Enhance your healing and recovery,
  • Identify foods that enhance your vital energy,
  • Release stress,
  • Clear mental, emotional, and physical energy blocks,
  • and so much more!

Level 1 &  2 Sept. 23-26, 2022

Level 3 & 4  November 4-7, 2022

Christine Plumb - Instructor