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Date: July 09th and 10th 

14 hours course, 8:30am-5pm both days; 

MTAS 4.5 credits, NHPC 10 credits, CRMTA 10 credits, CMMOTA 11 credits

      Maderotherapy technique uses anatomically made wooden tools. Maderotherapy releases stress, brings muscle relief and decreases joint pain. With woden rolling pins it is possible to treat fascial restrictions, muscle soreness and stiffness by warming up the muscles and softening tissue. This massage technique increases circulation, breaks up and prevent formation of myofascial adhesions. Additionaly, rolling of affected body parts with natural wooden rollers stretches and improves rehydration of fascia and other connective tissue.

      It was shown that maderotherapy is perfect to treat unhealthy fascia AKA cellulite especially if it's combined with lymphatic drainage. (Basics of manual lymphatic drainage will be covered during the course)