Muscle Tuner® Specialist online, self-paced, with support

Muscle Tuner® Specialist online, self-paced, with support

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Muscle Tuning™ Solves Several Specific Needs

Do you have clients whose progress is too slow or their outcomes don’t last?

Does your body suffer from doing your job?

Do you wish to master skills that solve pain, lack of strength or poor mobility challenges?

Muscle Tuning is a service that integrates well into sessions and is especially effective when offered as a separate in-person or virtual service. The Muscle Tuner® Specialist program extends the effectiveness of physically-based therapies and fitness routines while also extending your career lifespan when you#tuneupmusclesfirst for all your clients!

NHPC provides - 15 Continuing Education Credits

Those who complete our Foundations Program:

  • assist clients in durably improving strength, flexibility and vitality while reducing stress, tension and pain
  • reset body electrical circuits and increase neuro muscular integration
  • accurately and safely perform 52 individual manual tests
  • efficiently apply customized corrections to facilitate muscles that are too loose or too tight
  • perform protocols and proprietary procedures for muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia to address range of motion issues; chronic pain; and emotional stress

This Program has you operating competently with as little as 24 hours study at your own pace and encompasses:

  • 5 hours of permanent access to online videos, organized into manageable chunk sizes
  • 6 hours reading (colour manual delivered to your door and summary sheets)
  • 8 hours of practical assignments
  • 5 hours of online assessments
  •  Participants may choose to attend weekly mentoring calls on Zoom for six months at no extra cost

Our approach offers auditory, visual and kinesthetic instruction to support every learning style. Customers regularly provide glowing reviews regarding the support they receive.

Help yourself and others live with more ease using Muscle Tuning methods.

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