Raindrop Massage Therapy Continuing Education Course

Raindrop Massage Therapy Continuing Education Course

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Learn Raindrop Massage Therapy to benefit clients AND yourself in the 1 day ( 8 hour ) course! 

It can be hard finding additional courses that aren’t exhaustive to our hands and arms. Raindrop Massage Therapy is the perfect blend of relaxation, therapy and holistic care for clients while providing relief from consistent pressure on our muscles and joints as therapists. 

Clients will benefit from the well rounded physical and mental aspects of this massage style and essential oils included in treatment. I will teach you the versatility of Raindrop Massage and how many different clients can see improvement by its application. 

My name is Kelly Cabrera, and I have been a practicing massage therapist for 12 years and a certified Raindrop therapist for 5 years. Included in this course is additional 

Brief Course Description: Learn how to administer one of the most soothing and beneficial massage styles while saving your body. This course provides thorough content not only about Raindrop Massage Therapy, the Vita Flex technique, and how to set the tone for an amazing client experience; but also includes important information about Essential Oils, their purpose, healing properties, their manufacturing, and safety.  This 1 day (8 hour) course will earn you 5 NHPC credits. 

Course Goals: By the end of this course, you will have learned 

  1. 38 important definitions relating to essential oils and Raindrop Massage Therapy
  2. What an essential oil is, their methods of creation, and how they work on the body 
  3. Vibrational frequency and how that relates to essential oils and our immune systems 
  4. How Essential Oils heal and their specific uses in Raindrop Massage Therapy
  5. The safe administration of essential oils and all about carrier oils 
  6. How to properly apply skin patch testing for clients prior to a Raindrop Massage
  7. The history of Raindrop Massage Therapy and the theory behind the technique
  8. Any indications, contraindications, or precautions relating to Raindrop Massage Therapy
  9. The origins, therapeutic purposes, benefits, and contraindications of all 13 essential oils used during a session
  10. Vita Flex hand and foot points, the nervous system connection points that correspond to an organ or function of the body. 
  11. How to confidently set up for and administer a Raindrop Massage Therapy treatment 
  12. A full body treatment that includes massage to the feet, legs, arms, hands, back, and neck. 
  13. Over 30 special tips, tricks, and helpful hints that I have picked up or personally encountered over the years to provide an exceptional Raindrop Massage treatment.

Registered or student massage therapist with correct practicing insurance 

Course Date & Details: 

  • Total Price: $340.00 (Course Cost $200 + Raindrop Massage Oil Starter Kit $140) 
  • August 13th - 9:00 - 5:00pm Lethbridge, AB.  
  • September 18th - 9:00 - 5:00pm Lethbridge, AB.   

Get Early Bird Enrollment pricing and save $56 on your 10 Pack Raindrop Oil Starter Kit. Class & kit promotion when you enroll by:  

  • August 6th for the August 21st class 
  • September 9th for the September 25th class 

For Registration or Further Information Contact: 

Kelly Cabrera at breakthroughmassageacademy@gmail.com

or visit