Trager Movement Re-education Approach - Somatic Bodywork -

Trager Movement Re-education Approach - Somatic Bodywork -

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Learn Trager Somatic Bodywork - 

Gentle touch and rhythmic movements that brings awareness of how your client can calm their nervous system, release movement restrictions and learn to maintain a sense of ease, balance and freedom in movement.  Practitioners embody self-care to lighten their careers. 

Take this Level 1 Training as the first step towards Trager Practitioner Certification or as an adjunct to other movement, touch and somatic awareness therapies. 

The Certification Program is expressly designed for students who want to develop Trager® as a primary
modality in their practice. It offers highly focused, in-depth training with the exploration, supervision, and feedback necessary for students to establish a successful Trager® practice. Being certified also allows the practitioner to market themselves with a tangible credential. Upon certification, with their permission, the Trager® Canada Association lists practitioners on its website aspart of its referral network.