Muscle Release Hot Stone

Muscle Release Hot Stone

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NHPC Stone Therapy certified plus credits for 30hours

This is a Deep tissue Hot Stone Course created to use the benefits of heat and save your hands. Hot Stones will warm the muscles up faster and more effeciently and create more time to get deeper into the muscles. All while decreasing the parasympathetic response so that your patients feel less pain. Hot stones bring blood into a localized area, by opening the blood vessels we are supplying the muscles with more nutrients, oxygen, and proteins to promote faster healing, decrease adhesions, increase ROM, and more. The benefits of heat on its own are marvoulus but to take it a step further we have combined hot stones with trigger point therapy and movement release to improve patient results. This course is an based on recent research in the sports medicine field to maximize your treatments. 

Alix has an Education Degree as well as a Kinesiology degree and is a practicing RMT. We have adapted the lesson plan to apply to all learning styles with no more than a 6 student to 1 teacher ratio. 

At check out to include stones, for $650 you are getting $150 worth of stones to pick out a custom starter set.

The course runs 2 days 8am-6pm

Next course is Jan 21-22 in Edmonton

in 2021 we are planning courses in Edmonton, Lethbridge and Grand Prarie. 

NHPC stone Therapy certified plus credits for 30hours

MTAA 18 primary credits

CMMOTA 20 primary credits


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