Reiki Shudan (Reiki Share / Reiki Circle)

Reiki Shudan (Reiki Share / Reiki Circle)

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Shudan (Reiki Share)

Saturday December 17th 7:30pm-10pm Red Leaf Wellness - Edmonton, AB Cost $15.00  

The Golden Lady's Reiki Shudans are open to all lineages of practitioners, please note that you must be a second degree or higher practitioner to attend. Please share with your community, it would be so lovely to have as many Reiki Practitioners from various lineages in attendance!  

We begin our circle with a Reiki Mawashi, this is where we harmonize our energies so that we are all in flow together. Then we work in groups to offer a Shudan to each participant, you will receive Reiki from multiple practitioners. This is a lovely way to receive Reiki, as well as to work on skill building. Aura scans are practiced and taught (it's ok if this is brand new to you)!  

The Golden Lady will also provide a booster Reiju (attunement) to each participant. The Shudan ends with a final Mawashi, and a Q&A  

This event is recognized by the Natural Health Practitioners of Canada and is counted for 5 CCP credits.

Contact Jackie Pearce, The Golden Lady, with any questions at or phone / text vis WhatsApp at 917-485-0236.