Usui Reiki Shinpiden Level /Teacher Training 6 month program

Usui Reiki Shinpiden Level /Teacher Training 6 month program

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Usui Reiki Shinpiden Level /Teacher Training 6 month program

Instructors Susanne Lerohl BAHSA, HHP & Rebecca Hung BAHSA, HHP, CYP, RYT

This Reiki Shinpiden/Teacher training is an opportunity for students to deepen their Reiki practice and explore how Reiki can influence all aspects of life. Living in a world that is fast paced, challenging and even sometimes overwhelming can be hard to navigate. Reiki is a simple practice that allows us to discover mindfulness, connection, and deep relaxation. Reiki Shinpiden training will allow you to be more present, live more authentically, and support a healthy lifestyle. This level of training will help us better communicate these perspectives and skills with clients. After completing the training, Reiki students will have the skills and abilities to teach all the levels of Reiki should they choose to teach. It is important to Rebecca and Susanne that each student embeds their own skills, experiences and personalized style to create meaningful and practical content for sharing and teaching reiki. The art of Reiki starts as a simple practice that can help manage physiological or psychological pain and stress, but it can become a way of life that allows people to slow down and discover meaningful moments in our day-to-day life. Come and deepen your practice of Reiki and enjoy learning this beautiful Japanese art from a transformative and fun perspective. Our style of Reiki is based on simple, traditional practices that are inclusive of all beliefs, cultures and experiences.

Once you attend Reiki Shinpiden/Teacher training you qualify for all future training at ½ price. Many students take the training more than once for continuing education and personal development.

Students must present a valid Reiki Practitioner level (Levels 1-3 or First and Second Degree) certificate before attending this training. Certification can be from any school of Reiki.


All classes run from 1-5pm each day

Jan 28/29

Feb 18/19

Mar 25/26

April 29/30

May 27/28

June 24/25


$1155 includes GST

(Repeat Reiki Shinpiden level students of Susanne & Rebecca qualify to attend for ½ price)