Usui Reiki Level One and Two

Usui Reiki Level One and Two

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Reiki Level One

This Hands-on Healing technique has been around since the beginning of time.  Reiki is not a religion, although many of its disciplines are taken from various Asian culture-based religions.  Reiki is about healing yourself and facilitating the energy to use for family and friends and clients.


In this level you are introduced to the healing energy and with the attunement given helps open you to working with the universal healing energy. 

Level One is all about working on yourself and then practicing with another student.  You will be introduced to the 1st symbol a Japanese drawing called Cho-ku-Rei.  This helps with healing things on a physical level. 


The class is about 7 hours and worth 5 CEU with the NHPC under energywork modality.  Course fee is $150.00 or if committing to Level 2 get both for $299.00

Saturday April 15 or Monday June 5


Reiki Level Two

This is also a full day class and here you will learn the art of Distance Healing and you will receive another attunement to further your ability to channel the energy.

Two more symbols will be covered the Sei-he Kei for emotional healing and the Hon-Sha-Ze-Sho-Nen for the Mental aspect of healing.

First begin with sending Distance healing on people and or families adding the symbols in for further strength.  You will practice on another student for a full session implementing the new symbols within a treatment. 


After this class you should feel ready to work on others in a practice or clinic.

March 26, or Monday June 12


Class fee $250.00 CEU if done separately however if you sign up for both classes there is a discount at $299.00 for both levels.  You will get separate certificates for each level and are 5 CEU under Energy work.

I am open to coming to your town or city just need to have a min of 4 students and I come to you for the classes.  Otherwise they are 10-5 p.m. in Cochrane Alberta on the days listed. 


We will take a break over summer and continue in the fall

Mastery will be offered Sept 1-3 2023 for $800.

Contact me if you have issues in getting to Cochrane and I can arrange a ride if needed.