Therapeutic Hot Stone Massage

Therapeutic Hot Stone Massage

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30-hour certification course 


This 2-day course is designed to teach professional massage therapists how to give a safe, effective and all-encompassing hot stone massage. Students will learn how to use hot stones as a standalone treatment to perform a full body massage as well as how to incorporate hot stones into their current therapeutic protocols for treating various musculoskeletal pathologies. Participants will learn how to use stones as extensions of their hands while performing massage strokes as well as the proper utilization of placement stones. Students will be required to complete and document 10 independent case studies to receive the full 30-hour certificate.

Course topics covered:

  • History of hot stone therapy
  • Effects of hot and cold on the body
  • Benefits, precautions, contraindications, and safety guidelines for stone therapy
  • How to choose and maintain equipment
  • Body mechanics and setting up your treatment room
  • Proper draping techniques
  • How to perform a full body hot stone massage
  • How to incorporate stones into therapeutic treatments