AIRPWT Level I Shockwave Therapy Training

AIRPWT Level I Shockwave Therapy Training

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AIRPWT™-Shockwave Therapy Certification- Level I Overview: We will take therapists into the innovative world of rehabilitative medicine with AIRPWT™- Shockwave Therapy solidly based on extensive clinical research over the past 60+ years.

Our goals are:

• To introduce therapists to the effectiveness of Shockwave Therapy in their practice by incorporating Active Integrated Radial Pressure Wave Therapy ™ AIRPWT ™

• To build confidence in their ability to develop treatment protocols, finding the most effective results for patient care.

• To involve participants to understand the basic concepts of the anatomical and physiological effects Shockwave has on the body by using Multi Media presentations, Visual Aids, Case Study reviews, Interactive discussions, Group Problem Solving and Hands on Instruction.

• To provide participants access to proven Marketing and Communication Correspondence –verbal or written with patients and physicians.

• To supply suggestions on a successful business models to use in practice,

• Preview AIRPWT ™ Level II – Complex pathologies

Our success is to have competent and successful Therapists promoting this innovative therapy throughout Canada.