Treatment of the Pregnant Pelvis

Treatment of the Pregnant Pelvis

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In the past several years, there has been a growing movement to provide more support to mothers during pregnancy and there are not enough Registered Massage Therapists trained to assist their pregnant clients with the specific soft tissues of the pregnant pelvis. There is also a lack of continuing education courses that teach practicing RMTs techniques for these specific soft tissue issues. As a result, the pregnant population is not able to find relief during their pregnancies and we as therapists are left frustrated not being able to help our pregnant clients find the relief they need!

To fill this gap, I have prepared a comprehensive prenatal course that will teach practicing RMTs additional critical information on how they can treat their pregnant clients and provide relief for them on a variety of common prenatal soft tissue dysfunctions such as SPD, round ligament pain, si joint dysfunction, lateral hip pain, etc. The course begins with an 8 module online self-paced prestudy followed by a 2-day in person workshop where you will have the opportunity to learn the necessary hands on techniques needed to treat your pregnant clients effectively and safely.

In person workshops will take place throughout the year in a variety of locations in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Follow the link to the website for a list of all upcoming in person workshops

NHPC CCP credits - 15